Energy and Emissions

We are committed to reducing the amount of emissions we contribute from our operations, and to helping others reduce their emissions and energy use through the production of wind blades and transportation products. Our current energy usage comes from local utilities and the fuel source is determined by the utilities many of whom are planning their transitions to more renewable energy. We are currently researching ways in which we can increase the amount of renewable energy we consume or offset our non-renewable energy usage. 

Our Scope 1 emissions are those that we produce on site through fuel combustion and refrigerant usage. Scope 2 emissions are those that we indirectly produce through the direct purchase of electricity and power. Scope 3 emissions encompass a broader scope of indirect sources, such as associate commuting, business travel, waste disposal and others. Currently, we are focused on reporting our Scope 1 and 2 emissions and anticipate incorporating Scope 3 in future reports.

Identifying our energy consumption and calculating related emissions are the first steps in improving our performance in these areas. By understanding how much energy we use, we can find points of intervention and track our progress. In 2019, our total energy usage was 751,985 GJ.

Our total Scope 1 and 2 emissions for 2019 were 91,719 metric tons CO2e. As a comparison, the potential emissions reductions from our blades sold in 2019 is estimated to be 15 million metric tons CO2 for one year. This is an example of how the wind industry and TPI can make a positive impact in mitigating climate change through net CO2e reductions that significantly exceed the emissions produced from manufacturing wind blades and turbines.

Energy Usage (GJ)


Direct | 29%


Indirect | 71%

Emissions (metric tons CO2e)


Scope 1 | 17%


Scope 2 | 83%