Communities and Economic Impacts

We support additional employment opportunities through our associates spending their earnings and business procurement in the regions we operate; this is often referred to as the ripple or multiplier effect. For every associate employed in manufacturing facilities, approximately 1.6 additional jobs are created in the region.1,2 Therefore, for our approximately 13,300 associates directly employed at TPI, we estimate that we support a further 21,280 employment opportunities for a total of 34,580 jobs globally.

In addition to the direct economic benefits provided to the communities in which we operate, TPI has provided significant indirect benefits to our communities through monetary community investments and tens of thousands of volunteer hours provided by our associates.

To help guide our community engagement activities, we have developed and implemented company policies and procedures. All engagement events must align with TPI’s Core Values, benefit the community (either citizens or environment), and occur outside of scheduled work hours unless preapproved. Given the diversity in our locations, we adapt our engagement activities to the needs of these communities and values of our associates.

Community Impact Highlights:

Our associates and facilities around the globe are doing great work for their communities. In 2019, our community investments totaled approximately $58,000 USD and included philanthropic support, such as through donations to local organizations. Our associates completed over 23,000 community engagement hours globally. TPI’s associates take part in activities organized by TPI on their own time. They are truly giving their own personal time to give back in ways that are most important to them and align with TPI’s Core Values. We have highlighted below the types of engagement activities our associates are performing year-round.

Helping Those in Need:

Our associates value their neighbors and community members. They provide benefits to their community members through activities supporting the elderly, children, those less fortunate and those with disabilities.

Health and Wellness

Our associates embody our top Core Value of safety both in and outside of their work positions. Across the globe TPI’s associates participate in races and fund-raising events that provide support for areas such as cancer, among others.

Environmental Protection:

Our associates are dedicated to having a positive impact on their environment both through their work at TPI and directly in their communities. Across the globe our associates participate in events that benefit the environment such as planting trees, picking up trash and providing environmental education.

Community Improvements:

Our associates are proud of their communities and provide direct improvements. These improvements include activities such as community park refurbishment and cleanup, and school and beach restoration projects.

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