Supplier Strategy

TPI Composites leverages our procurement expertise, Advanced Product Quality Planning standard (APQP), and our dedicated supplier model to provide high-quality, cost-effective solutions to our customers worldwide. We manufacture advanced composite products to our customers’ exact specifications in facilities designed, built, and strategically located either near our customers’ target markets or in low-cost world class locations, to minimize total delivered cost. We implement and integrate our rigorous procurement and quality management systems across our processes to maximize customer satisfaction.

TPI’s dedicated supplier model reflects the needs and demands of our customers:

Dedicated Supplier Relationships

Contracts with our supply partners provide guaranteed capacity and cost-effective material solutions to our customers that enable customer participation in quality management and protect the confidentiality of proprietary product designs.

Globally and Strategically Located Facilities in the United States, China, India, Mexico and Turkey

Our global supply chain parallels that of our manufacturing facilities, optimizing labor and logistics costs with proximity to market to ensure the most competitive cost structure possible. TPI has the resources, expertise, and desire to place supply exactly where our customers need it.

Advanced Product Quality Planning

TPI cascades APQP4Wind and APQP throughout our supply base.  By planning and implementing quality measures up front with suppliers we reduce risk, occurrences of non-conforming material and improves the timely launch of new products.

TPI ensures delivery of conforming compliant parts to our customers with APQP4Wind: 

  • Preventive approach to risk reduction.
  • Shift from control to assurance increasing efficiency.
  • Enables maturing the performance of the supplier base globally.
  • Supports standardization and simplification of processes to reduce time to market and increase efficiency.
  • Full end to end calibration of the use and meaning of the APQP4wind vocabulary.
  • Supports profitable growth.

With tremendous competition in the wind energy and transportation industries, TPI’s dedicated supplier model gives our customers a significant competitive advantage in whatever geographical markets they pursue. We constantly rely on and look for suppliers who can reliably deliver high-quality materials – on time and on budget. TPI understands the value of our suppliers and as such is dedicated to be a driver and resource for sustainable growth and continuous improvement. 

TPI’s Global Physical Sciences Test Lab has earned DNV/GL accreditation. Please contact us if you have a new material that could benefit one of our markets.

Human Rights and Supplier Due Diligence

We have implemented policies and procedures to help us evaluate the integrity of our third-party business partners. These policies – which address areas such as child labor, corruption, safety, and sustainability – are incorporated into all TPI purchasing documents and are available on our website. We have documented standards for suppliers and monitor performance throughout the supplier lifecycle. We do this by using an independent vendor assessment tool, conducting audits of our suppliers, and including TPI’s expectations for compliance and ethical behavior in our Supplier Code of Conduct and human rights policy.