Wind Energy Market

Global electricity demand is projected to increase 62% from 2018 through 2050, and generating capacity is expected to reach 19,000 gigawatts with wind making up 26% of the 2050 global power generation mix.1  The levelized cost of wind energy has dropped 70% since 2009.2  The key drivers that have and continue to reduce the cost of wind, are longer blades, taller towers, increased megawatt ratings, higher capacity factors, lower cost of operations and maintenance and better siting.

Average wind blade lengths for TPI’s customers are projected to increase by almost 50% by 2028.3  We have become a key supplier to our customers in the manufacture of wind blades and related precision molding and assembly systems, and we are the only independent blade manufacturer with a global footprint. We ensure critical dedicated capacity in our global world-class facilities for our customers through long-term agreements and dedicated supplier model. This collaborative dedicated supplier model provides us with contracted volumes that generate significant revenue visibility, drive capital efficiency, and allow us to produce wind blades at a lower total delivered cost.

TPI Blades Throughout the Years