Transportation Market
Increasing demand for weight savings continues across passenger automotive, bus, truck, and delivery vehicles, especially as the electrification trend expands. TPI’s unique composite product solutions allow critical weight reductions compared to metallic components — extending range and/or providing additional optionality for battery components. In addition, we are collaborating with transportation OEMs to deliver innovative composite solutions to improve fuel economy and air quality emissions for internal combustion engine vehicles. The transportation products that we manufacture support reductions in GHG emissions. Innovative, lightweight composite truck body parts and structures are becoming increasingly critical to businesses involved in the transportation of goods and services as they are continually looking for ways to reduce costs, minimize impact to the environment and remain competitive. We continue to believe our composite solutions are ideally suited for expansion in transportation applications because of benefits resulting from weight reduction, corrosion resistance, strength, and durability. When it comes to lightweight composite bus structures, TPI is an industry leader in providing fully integrated composite structures for transit bus applications.