Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
As a global business, we have an incredible opportunity to benefit from the diversity we have in our company. We value diversity in all forms, especially diversity of thought, and aspire to create an environment that recognizes and celebrates the benefits that come with a diverse workforce. We know that diversity of our associate population makes us better, and we strive to continue to improve and act with intention in these areas. Part of our efforts in 2020 included promoting an understanding and clarifying what diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I)mean at TPI.

We defined these key terms as follows:

  • Diversity is all the ways in which people differ, encompassing the different characteristics that make one individual or group different from another.
  • Equity focuses on the fair treatment, such as any group of individuals’ access, opportunities for advancement, and feeling like they are growing in the organization.
  • Inclusion is the act of creating environments in which any individual or group can be and feel welcomed, listened to, and valued to fully participate.

We also confirmed our vision for DE&I as follows:

Everyone has a voice.

We want to listen to yours.

We can and will do more to maximize the positive impact that DE&I, and a feeling of belonging can bring to TPI. We believe that this and the rest of our vision statement is a solid representation of what we believe in, are committed to, and how we will hold our leaders and associates accountable.

As we continue our DE&I journey, we will use language that reflects our own thinking and that is intentional. We recognize that one of our greatest areas of opportunity is to increase the representation of women at all levels of leadership as well as overall racial and ethnic diversity as we add more talent to our leadership levels.

We have goals to increase both our overall representation of women in our global leadership team and our overall racial and ethnic diversity of our U.S. leadership team to 25% by 2025. Our global and U.S. leadership, generally, includes leaders at the director level and above.

In 2020, we conducted a disparate impact analysis for all associates in the U.S. and professional staff internationally. Disparate impact analysis is a process by which companies ensure that there are no unintended differences in base compensation between associates in the same job. The remarkable results of this analysis, verified by an independent third party, were indicative that our compensation practices across all underrepresented groups were fair as less than 1% of our U.S.-based associates and less than 2% of our international associate required adjustments.

All associates have a voice, and in 2020, we facilitated our first DE&I survey to understand and baseline our associates’ beliefs and perceptions about their experiences at TPI. The survey results provided baseline measures that as a leadership team we can seek to understand and improve upon. The survey focused on diversity, and feelings of belonging, inclusivity, and being equitably treated. Globally 86%of our associates participated in this survey. Our DE&I overall score was 70% favorable, which is an impressive starting point, and we have opportunities to improve. 80% of the participants had a positive sense of belonging, and 76% said that diversity is valued at TPI.

We have an immense opportunity to learn from many different backgrounds and cultures. Each facility will develop and be held accountable for a DE&I action plan. DE&I is not a project that we want to push down into the organization; it is about all of us making a commitment to seek to understand the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs of others and be respectful of them even if they differ from our own.

Our entire leadership team is committed to listen, learn and work together to take meaningful action for lasting change at TPI.

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