Mission, Vision and Core Values

  • Safety

    • We are professionally and personally committed to proactively protecting each other. All accidents are preventable.
  • Operational Excellence

    • We pursue world-class quality, delivery and cost. We lean forward, drive innovation and constantly improve.
  • Commitment

    • We deliver on our commitments.
    • We are passionate about our business.
    • We communicate directly and are actively connected and committed to our teams, goals, actions and results.
    • We tap into the diverse skills and ideas of others, engaging our colleagues with professionalism and respect, fostering an environment where people share knowledge, contribute, innovate, excel and have fun.
    • We take an active role in the communities where we operate.
  • Integrity

    • We follow the highest ethical standards observing all laws and regulations and their spirit everywhere we do business.
  • Leadership

    • We are role models of our values.
    • We hire and develop top global talent. We develop leaders throughout our company who create a vision, implement specific plans and get positive results.
    • We keep people in the know and assure information and knowledge are shared within and across teams.
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