About TPI

Driving Composites Innovation

We were founded in 1968 and have been providing composite wind blades since 2001. Our knowledge and experience of composite materials and manufacturing originates with our predecessor company, Tillotson Pearson Inc., a leading manufacturer of high-performance sail and powerboats along with a wide range of composite structures used in other industrial applications. We are headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, and we have expanded our global footprint to include domestic facilities in Newton, Iowa; Fall River, Massachusetts; Warren, Rhode Island; and Santa Teresa, New Mexico and international facilities in Dafeng, China; Taicang Port, China; Taicang City, China; Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China; Kolding, Denmark; Chennai, India; Juarez, Mexico; Matamoros, Mexico; and Izmir, Turkey.

We are the largest U.S.-based independent manufacturer of composite wind blades. We enable many of the industry’s leading wind turbine OEMs, who have historically relied on in-house production, to outsource the manufacturing of some of their wind blades through our global footprint of advanced manufacturing facilities strategically located to serve large and growing wind markets in a cost-effective manner. Given the importance of wind energy capture, turbine reliability and cost to power producers, the size, quality and performance of wind blades have become highly strategic to our OEM customers. As a result, we have become a key supplier to our OEM customers in the manufacture of wind blades and related precision molding and assembly systems. We have entered into long-term supply agreements pursuant to which we dedicate capacity at our facilities to our customers in exchange for their commitment to purchase minimum annual volumes of wind blade sets, which consist of three wind blades. This collaborative dedicated supplier model provides us with contracted volumes that generate significant revenue visibility, drive capital efficiency and allow us to produce wind blades at a lower total delivered cost, while ensuring critical dedicated capacity for our customers. We also leverage our advanced composite technology and history of innovation to supply high strength, lightweight and durable composite products to the transportation market.

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