Commercial Vehicles

Commercial Vehicles

Innovative, lightweight composite truck body parts and structures are becoming increasingly critical to businesses involved in the transportation of goods and services as they are continually looking for ways to reduce costs and stay competitive. Whether it's people or goods, the cost to move a pound of weight, continues to rise. Driven by high fuel costs and increasingly stringent gross vehicle weight limits, every pound of weight is critical.

  • Comply with growing fuel efficiency standards
  • Increase durability and reduce maintenance and life cycle costs
  • Add freight/payload
  • Improve vehicle aesthetics

Lightweight composite truck body parts can be helpful in reducing weight and eliminating corrosion, but the real benefit in weight savings comes when replacing structural systems with composites. The reduction or elimination of structural steel and aluminum with composites can provide weight reduction measured in hundreds of pounds. Contact TPI to see how we can help you design your next generation vehicle, chassis, trailer, or cab to optimize weight, eliminate corrosion, reduce parts count, and reduce cost.

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