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TPI is the largest U.S.-based independent manufacturer of composite wind blades for the high-growth wind energy market supporting global wind turbine manufacturers. TPI operates composite products manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe and Asia.
Our products excel where high strength, light weight and durability are required. TPI has over five decades of innovation and expertise in manufacturing large-scale composite structures of highest quality at a competitive total delivered cost to our customers.

Our advanced composites manufacturing technology allows us to build near aerospace grade parts at industrial prices. TPI's advanced composite technology and manufacturing expertise have also been applied to create first-of-their-kind composite solutions in the transportation markets.

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Wind Energy

The best blades for the cleanest energy

Wind turbine rotor blades are a critical component to the overall performance, reliability and cost of a wind turbine. Representing a meaningful portion of the wind turbine investment, few other components have such a direct impact on the energy capture, loads management, and availability of the wind turbine system. TPI has manufactured more than 57,000 wind turbine rotor blades over ten years to the strictest quality standards. TPI is a proud supplier to some of the most demanding customers in the business.

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TPI designs and manufactures large-scale composite vehicle structures of the highest quality.

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Global Operations

TPI creates factories with the purpose of producing advanced composite solutions for wind and transit products.

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TPI Composites plays a direct role in a sustainable future. Our approach to sustainable development focuses not only on the environmental impact of our projects, but also a commitment to our employees through safety programs and employee development, and building strong relationships in the communities in which we operate and provide economic impact. Our employees and suppliers are critical in executing our sustainability programs and our Mission and Core Values provide guidance.

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