Research and Development

Optimum Performance, Lowest Total Cost

We have a long history of what we believe are first-of-its-kind innovations in composite products as well as the development of new and advanced materials, tooling, manufacturing processes and inspection methods. Our knowledge and experience of composite materials and manufacturing originates with our predecessor company, Tillotson Pearson Inc., a leading manufacturer of high-performance recreational sail and powerboats along with a wide range of composite structures used in other industrial applications. Leveraging our knowledge and experience, we realized the opportunity to specialize in other industrial end-markets where there was a demand for high precision composite manufacturing capabilities. We conduct extensive research and development in close collaboration with our customers on the design, development and deployment of innovative manufacturing processes, including automation, advanced materials and sophisticated product quality inspection tools. We partnered with the U.S. Department of Energy, government laboratories, universities and our customers to innovate through cost sharing AMII programs. We employ a highly experienced workforce of engineers in various facets of our business, from discrete research and development projects, to the ongoing, real-time development and implementation of incremental manufacturing and material improvements. Our research and development effort places a priority on improving quality through process and procedure improvement, in addition to reducing cost through specification changes and sourcing of more cost-effective suppliers. Other areas of emphasis include composite design, in-house fabrication of precision molding and assembly systems, prototyping, testing, optimization and volume production capabilities. We also encourage our employees to invent and develop new technologies to maintain our competitiveness in the marketplace. We operate a Wind Blade Innovation Center in Fall River, Massachusetts, which enhances our development activities and enables designated plant personnel to build prototypes and pilot production volumes of the wind blades scheduled to be manufactured at planned new facilities. Our Wind Blade Innovation Center can also be used to facilitate plant expansions, as well as to provide research and development on advanced composite technology. In addition to our internal research and development activities, from time to time we also conduct research and development activities pursuant to funded development arrangements with our customers and other third parties

Focused R&D

As with most companies in our industry, TPI invests in R&D. But unlike most of our industry counterparts, TPI's research labs aren't filled with materials and manufacturing processes that may never see the light of day. Our entire R&D is done with the intent of advancing TPI's ability to drive composites innovation. With best composites materials engineering practices, TPI applies everything we learn towards making near aerospace quality materials for a fraction of the price.

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