Precision Molding and Assembly Systems

Over the last decade, we have produced hundreds of precision molding and assembly systems, ranging from 30 to over 60 meters in length, to support our global operations. We began these operations in our tooling technology center in Warren, Rhode Island. In September 2013, we expanded our precision molding and assembly system production capabilities to a facility in Taicang City, China. While capable of cost-effectively delivering precision molding and assembly systems across all of our facilities, our Rhode Island tooling technology center primarily serves the North American market. Our precision molding and assembly systems have been used to build tens of thousands of wind blades worldwide.

Our tooling solutions include precision wind blade patterns, precision molding and assembly systems, including modular tooling techniques. We believe that our technological and production expertise are key factors in our continued competitiveness, as we address continually increasing physical dimensions, demanding technical specifications, and strict quality control requirements for wind blades.

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