Advanced composites technology and production expertise

Our significant expertise in advanced composite technology and production enables us to manufacture lightweight and durable wind blades with near-aerospace grade precision at an industrial cost. We have developed and use high-performance composite materials, precision molding and assembly systems, including modular tooling techniques, and advanced process technology, as well as sophisticated measurement, inspection, testing and quality assurance tools, which have allowed us to produce over 20,000 wind blades since 2001 with an excellent field performance record in a market where reliability is critical to our customers’ success. With our culture of continuing innovation and a collaborative “design for manufacturability” approach, we continue to address increasing physical dimensions and the need for rapid model changes, demanding technical specifications and strict quality control requirements for wind blades, which today are generally 50 to 60 meters or more in length. We also invest in ongoing simplification and selective automation of production processes for increased efficiency and precision. We have partnered with the U.S. Department of Energy, government laboratories, universities and our customers to innovate through cost sharing Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Initiative, or AMII programs. We operate a dedicated research and development facility in Fall River, Massachusetts and conduct research and development in our various manufacturing facilities around the world.

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