Suppliers: Working with TPI

TPI Composites leverages our procurement expertise and our dedicated supplier model to provide high-quality, cost-effective solutions to our customers worldwide. We manufacture advanced composited products to our customers’ exact specifications in facilities designed, built, and strategically located near our customers' target markets to minimize total delivered cost. In addition, we implement and integrate our rigorous quality assurance systems with those of our customers.

TPI's dedicated supplier model reflects the needs and demands of our customers:

  • Dedicated supplier relationships—a guaranteed, cost-effective supply of products to our customers through long-term contractual relationships that provide guaranteed capacity, enable customer participation in quality management, and protect the confidentiality of proprietary product designs.
  • Strategically located facilities in the United States, China, Mexico and Turkey—optimizing labor and logistics costs, combined with proximity to market ensures the most competitive cost structure possible. TPI has the resources, expertise, and desire to place supply exactly where our customers need it.

With tremendous competition in the wind energy and transportation industries, TPI's dedicated supplier model gives our customers a significant competitive advantage in whatever geographical markets they pursue. We constantly rely on and look for suppliers who can reliably deliver high-quality materials—on time and on budget.

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