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Wind Energy

Supplying Wind Turbine Blades

Wind turbine blades are a critical component to the overall performance, reliability and cost of a wind turbine.  Representing a meaningful portion of the wind turbine investment, few other components have such a direct impact on the energy capture, loads management, and availability of the wind turbine system. Compromising any of these factors is not an option for a world-class wind turbine OEM.

To keep pace with the rapidly expanding demand for blade capacity turbine manufacturers are increasingly looking to form strategic relationships with external blade suppliers. Blade suppliers must have the resources and experience necessary to expand and grow with the turbine manufacturers’ business needs including producing larger and more competitive blades, building new facilities serving key market locations, and relentlessly driving quality higher and costs lower.

Wind turbine OEMs need a blade supplier to be:

  • Flexible in our approach to serving customers, including a willingness to enter in long-term, dedicated supply arrangements and construct new facilities in our customers’ target markets
  • Experienced, with the resources to provide a single source solution for custom-built, precision molding and assembly systems, and to manufacture high quality, reliable, and cost-effective wind turbine blades built to unique customer specifications
  • Technologically advanced, using advanced composites technology to build near aerospace quality blades at an industrial cost

TPI has manufactured more than 10,000 wind blades over ten years to the strictest quality standards. TPI is a proud supplier to Mitsubishi and GE - two of the most demanding customers in the business.


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