Automated People Movers

TPI has been designing and manufacturing all composite Automated People Mover Components and complete vehicle structures for more than 23 years. Having delivered complete vehicle bodies and components for airport projects around the world you have likely had the pleasure of riding an APM featuring a composite vehicle body fabricated by TPI. From Phoenix Sky Harbor, to London Heathrow, and points in between including Dallas Fort Worth, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and Detroit, TPI has been delivering quality, dependable composite structures to APM projects since 1992.

Why Composites?

Weight Savings: a composite vehicle body can save hundreds (sometimes thousands!) of pounds as compared to a steel or aluminum vehicle. The key to maximizing weight savings is optimization of the structural design of the vehicle. Reducing or eliminating the steel/aluminum in the body, chassis, and roof can be accomplished through strategic placement of the right composite materials and application of appropriate construction techniques.

Corrosion protection: simply put - composites don't rust or corrode! Composites do not require corrosion inhibitors or coatings that can chip and erode over time.

Design flexibility: unlike metals which tend to constrain the design envelope to straight corners and slight curves, composites free up the designer to maximize the aerodynamic shape of the vehicle. Without the constraints imposed by metal fabrication the designer is free to explore vehicle look, feel, and aesthetics available through the use of composites.

Parts integration: multiple components and functionality can be designed into a single composite part, parts count, inventory, assembly time and cost.

From concept to production - let TPI Composites Inc. assist you in your next vehicle project. Today's APM vehicles require a unique balance of light weight, smooth quiet ride, aerodynamic/aesthetic design, and superior/dependable performance - all in a cost effective package. Whether it's a conventional track or wheeled vehicle of the next generation MagLev technology you can rely on TPI Composites for all composite Automated People Mover Components and complete vehicle structures for your next project.

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